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Commercial Images produces high-end boardroom tables for any office in Brisbane

When you think of meetings, the usual images that are drummed up are thoughts of presentations, people falling sleeping and the persistent tick of the clock as minutes are drained away from your day. Anybody who's experienced a dragging meeting may also notice the imperfections of the table and the dull pain in their lower back from sitting, anything to distract their senses from the monotony of the meeting. While we can’t guarantee that we can make your meetings less dreadful, we can ensure that you remain in comfort and style. If you're looking for modern, ergonomic boardroom tables in Brisbane, please consider working with Commercial Images to bring a new breath of style into your offices.

Commercial Images have been operating for over 27 years from a single showroom location in West End Queensland. Our mission is to provide quality office furniture solutions with an exemplary customer and industry experience. We like to work closely with our clients to ensure that they obtain precisely the type of solution they need for their workers. From supply to delivery and installation, our staff will help you at every step. We've crafted many boardroom table models in Brisbane, and we’re sure that we have a few that you’d love in your office space.

For any serious office space in Brisbane, a proper boardroom table can facilitate better meetings and style

For example, we have our Actiu Arkitek system, an innovative table base specifically designed for commercial applications. Our designs can be configured to your liking with desks, meeting tables and boardroom tables for your Brisbane office. This system has a sleek, modern look that will give your office space and meeting rooms an enviable aesthetic.
The new Actiu Power Meeting Table is ideal for teams that need the flexibility to move from a simple sit down meeting to a fast-paced brainstorming session.

No boardroom table in Brisbane is complete without a full set of stylish boardroom seats. Comfortable seats are an investment not only in comfort but also in concentration, productivity and efficiency for your meetings. To complement your table, we have a wide array of seats to cater to your sense of aesthetic for the office. One such option is the Scope, with its smart, modern appearance or the Pure available with custom upholstery and functionality. You’ll beat out your competition in Brisbane with a boardroom table and chair combo of your choosing and taste that exudes professionalism and creativity.

We also have accessories to supercharge your meetings

Even then, every boardroom table in Brisbane should also be accompanied with extra features to provide a stylish way to manage your power cables, video and audio for presentations and electrical outlet use. For example, our Tardis series in-desk box offers a convenient way to store away necessary plugs and outlets while maintaining a clean, sophisticated look for your table.

With all the choices available, we understand choosing from our boardroom tables in Brisbane can be difficult. We offer one-on-one consultation and support to make sure we address all your wishes and concerns. Don't let one meeting proceed in Brisbane without a Commercial Images boardroom table.