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Filing Cabinets in Brisbane

When looking for high-quality filing cabinets in the Brisbane area, it can often be difficult to make sure that you're selecting the right one. There are many considerations to be made, such as smart design, architectural details, material, and several other factors. You need to be sure that you're buying your Brisbane filing cabinet from the right supplier and that you’ve made the correct choice. In this post, we’re going to explore what the best options are for you regarding filing cabinets in Brisbane options.

High-Density Vertical Suspension

When you’re filing away your important documents, you want to know that they are safe within a system that has been tested and proven to be exceptional. You will get that with our high-density vertical suspension solution. Each filing cabinet in Brisbane is fitted with a unique anti-tilt system that will make sure all your documents are kept safe and secure. What’s more, they’re all given a professional-looking powder coat so that your documents remain safe while at the same time looking professional.

Double Extension Ball Bearing Runners

Along with our clean lines and architectural look, we offer a filing cabinet that comes equipped with double extension ball bearing runners. These enable smooth access to the files that you're storing without the jerkiness of some other options out on the market. This sort of high end, designer type Brisbane filing cabinet is en vogue right now, as it does come with the latest in document protection technology and delivers that protection in a smooth and easily-operable style.


Each of our filing cabinets in Brisbane comes preloaded with an anti-tilt system, as noted earlier. This provides a significant degree of safety and security when it comes to the smooth operation of the filing cabinet, as you can be assured that you’ve got a Brisbane filing cabinet that will not tip over, even under extreme duress to the system. This ensures the protection of the documents inside the unit, but most importantly, it assures the safety of the operator.

Australian made cam lock

All our units utilise an Australian made cam lock setup, and digital locks can be installed upon request. It’s no secret that document security is a priority amongst all major corporations and companies, and you can be assured of that document security when you invest in a Commercial Images filing cabinet in Brisbane that comes pre-installed with a functional locking mechanism. When you have this sort of combination of classic and modern designs, you have a recipe for success when it comes to the safety and security of your documents.

When looking for the right filing cabinet, it can be tricky to decide between the various options that are out there, not knowing if you can trust the company that you’ve chosen or whether the Brisbane filing cabinet is adequately outfitted for your document security. When you go with Commercial Images and our key suppliers Actiu, Markant, Burgtec, Artifex and Orangebox, you go with a team that is invested in your success, one that has the knowledge to get you where you need to be.