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Modularity is a design approach aimed at the creation of small, simple "modules" that can be created and combined in different configurations. The benefits of modularity are seen across a diverse set of fields ranging from computer science to biology to car production. Programmers use modularity to adjust to changing client demands, and car manufacturers take advantage of the adaptability that modular car parts confer to a fleet of similar vehicles. We’ve taken the best parts of modularity and have developed unique modular desk systems for offices in Fortitude Valley.

With modular table systems for your office in Fortitude Valley, you could take advantage of the adaptability of modularity by changing the configuration of your desks and workstations to your office’s needs at any given moment. A meeting may call for tables to be put together into a large space to facilitate discussions. When workers need to buckle down and plug away at their work, the desks can be split into personal workstations again so that they can provide a space for focused productivity. The modular office desk can take on any role it needs to for your office, even those you may not be aware of yet!

Commercial Images produces custom, high quality modular desk systems with fantastic service

We are a complete furniture solution service, family owned and operated since our establishment in 1990. We have a single showroom in West End Queensland. As a furniture solution service, we focus on custom made furniture made to the specific needs and aesthetics of your office and budget. We are the agent of several manufacturers like Actiu, Markant and Burgtec and have worked for both industry and government identities. We pride ourselves on a consistent, supportive experience from your first consultation to the final installation of your modular office desk in your Fortitude Valley space.

Our website contains a catalogue of the many options available to any potential customers. One of our popular modular table systems is eona™, short for "everything old is new again." This system is designed with the environment in mind: 100% post-consumer recycled aluminium and 10% post-consumer steel, just to name a few qualities. eona™ has been designed with a clean, minimal aesthetic that lends itself well to its status as a modular office desk, fit for any space in Fortitude Valley. With built in rails, the adjustable table size allows fine detail and our set of colours and leg configurations controls the aesthetic. eona™ represents just one of the possible modular desk systems that you can choose and customise with Commercial Images.

Adapt to any situation and space with our modular table systems in Fortitude Valley

Just as programmers must adjust to the changing demands of consumers and computers, businesses must also react with the same speed without sacrificing quality. We believe that our furniture solutions offer a way for you to take advantage of your entire space and make the most by way of adaptive furniture.