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Prioritise Your Health with a Woolloongabba Sit to Stand Office Desk

Humans are not designed to sit at a desk at all. Our bodies are meant to be in motion and to be constantly working and growing. But the confines of modern society require that office workers remain at their workstation for a large part of the day.

After sitting at work all day, many workers return home to sit and enjoy a meal and then sit and enjoy a good show or book. The result is much of the day is spent sitting. More and more health research is showing the negative effects of sitting too long. For office workers in Woolloongabba, modular table systems offer a great solution.

Finding a Woolloongabba Sit to Stand Office Desk for Your Health

As an office worker, you will inevitably be confined to a desk. But you can choose one of the many innovative modular desk systems designed with your health in mind to help fight the negative health effects of sitting all day.

One modular office desk option is to purchase a standing desk. This allows you to stand up while working, which helps improve blood flow and circulation. You can incorporate a variety of simple exercises, such as calf lifts or bicep curls while you brainstorm, to incorporate a quick workout into your workday. Modular desk systems can become a gym away from the gym.

Another option among modular desk systems is an option like our Oxi Desk, which allows workers to combine light exercise while sitting down. The desk incorporates an elliptical, which you can keep in motion while you type and write. It allows you to keep up with motion without getting distracted from work. It is highly adjustable, allowing you to set the resistance and height.

If your Woolloongabba office utilises modular table systems that require employees to sit at the same table, you can use seating designed with your health in mind. A sit-ball chair offers the health benefits of a workout ball without the uncomfortableness of bringing a large ball into the office. Specially designed ergonomic chairs provide the ultimate support to your lumbar, preventing slouching and strain that can hurt your health.

Commercial Images Offers a Great Selection of Modular Table Systems

You spend much of your day at work. Buying new office equipment is important, but it is an investment. You want to purchase pieces that are worth the price and will last a long time.

At Commercial Images, we are a family owned and operated business that prioritises the customer’s needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer customised solutions to your unique office situation and budget. We will work with you to find the ideal furniture option to meet your work and health needs. We have worked with a variety of clients, from individuals to government entities, and we love using our furniture expertise to find you the right fit.

Ergonomic pieces are designed to benefit your health and your productivity. You may be surprised at the improvement of your work when you improve your workstation.