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How a New Desk and Office Furniture in Brisbane Can Boost Staff Productivity

It takes a lot to make a company successful in the modern, competitive business world, and you need hard-working, motivated employees to stay on top. Even if you have the latest software systems, a city-centre location, and a huge marketing budget, you can’t operate effectively and efficiently if your employees fail to work to their potential. Unfortunately, the promise of a decent wage and stability isn’t enough to motivate people to work hard in a job they’re only doing out of necessity, but ensuring they feel like a respected team member can work wonders.

Believe it or not, you can increase staff productivity by changing the layout of your office. Your workers will appreciate seeing you invest in their surroundings, and a nicer, brighter office can lift the mood in your workplace. Additionally, office designs have advanced significantly over the years, and most people now avoid old-fashioned cubicle-style layouts because they make workers feel isolated. If you listen to professional advice when buying office furniture in Brisbane, you’ll ensure your employees give their all to your company.

At Commercial Images, we’ve designed offices for thousands of companies over the past 27 years, and we stock the latest Brisbane office furniture to help unlock your staff’s full potential. We source high-quality furniture from revered manufacturers such as Burgtec, Artifex, and Orangebox, and our professionals can design and outfit your new office in no time at all. Keep reading below to learn about some of the latest office furniture innovations, and to see how you can encourage your staff to work harder than ever.

Motivate Your Staff with Office Furniture in Brisbane

All the big companies change their office layouts regularly, and for many reasons you should too. Here’s how a new office desk in Brisbane and other furniture can bring tangible results.

  • New office desk concepts – In recent years, standing desks have become popular due to their perceived health benefits. Some people say standing helps burn calories in what’s otherwise a low-exercise job, and some studies even suggest standing at work in bursts can improve employees’ overall mood. If you can’t decide which type of office desk in Brisbane to purchase, you might be interested in browsing our range of height-adjustable desks.
  • The importance of ergonomics – You might not think working in an office carries a high risk of injury, but bad backs, neck pains, and eye strains are far from rare. The latest ergonomic Brisbane office furniture helps your employees remain comfortable and healthy, which in turn helps them stay focused on their tasks.
  • Invest in your team – Let’s face it, it’s easy to become bored of the same surroundings after many years have passed, but revamping your office with new furniture will show employees that you care about how they feel about their working environment.

Is Now the Time to Revamp Your Office?

If you’re using outdated equipment and have old furniture in your office, now might be the time to change things around. As long as you talk to our professionals, you’ll love your freshly-designed workplace and see staff productivity significantly increase following the revamp. Contact us today on (07) 3844 9100, and we’d be delighted to tell you more about our services.