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Reception Furniture in Brisbane

When it comes to selecting the right reception furniture in Brisbane, it can sometimes be daunting to choose the right option. You’ll be considering things like cost, material, design, and overall structural integrity. In these moments, it can feel like there’s no way to make the right choice. But just because it can be difficult to choose, doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult to make the right selection. There are many tools that you can utilise to determine whether the option you’ve gone with is the right one or not. In this post, we’re going to look at why Commercial Images has the best solutions in reception furniture in Brisbane and what kind of choices you have to make.

Plastic Reception Seating Options

When it comes to plastic options for reception seating in Brisbane, we have a plethora of options for your selection. We start off with the Wing style, which is imminently stackable and movable, with the option of having it upholstered as well. The Loop is a completely one piece solution that is stackable as well and comes in a variety of beautiful colours. This sort of evolving workspace furniture is perfect for a reception area or any other type of solution. We have plenty of acoustic seating solutions for collaborative open plan spaces for you to consider. Our Callita is a unique, ergonomically designed solution to seating problems.

Upholstered Reception Seating Options

Draft seating for the modern architect is a concept that has only recently been applied. We've seen it revolutionise the way we think of seating solutions. Loose furniture has seen a resurgence in popularity, and that’s the sort of thing that we specialise in at Commercial Images. Our key suppliers Actiu, Markant, Burgtec, Artifex and Orangebox, design their products to be of the highest quality without breaking the bank. For upholstered reception seating in Brisbane, we offer the Vismet which has upholstery both on the seat as well as the back and is entirely stackable. The Giuletta is a unique polyurethane seat that gives you upholstery options between leather or fabric. For the more high-end option, you have the Kaz Ottoman which can be used as modular seating as well as a standalone piece, whatever you choose.

You know when you make the choice to work with Commercial Images that you're selecting a solution for reception furniture in Brisbane that won’t break the bank while delivering high-quality products for your office space. Choosing the right provider of office furniture solutions can often be difficult or downright impossible. There are so many options to choose from and no way of adequately knowing beforehand that the choice you’ve made is the right one. Instead of wondering where you should turn and who you should go with, you can make the decision to go with Commercial Images. Our core suppliers Actiu, Markant, Burgtec, Artifex and Orangebox and we stand behind our products because we know that what we offer is of the highest quality for the lowest price. You’ve won when you’ve gone with us.