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Our customised workstation furniture in Brisbane will expand your workers’ creativity

Your choices in workstation furniture affect your Brisbane workers' productivity significantly. These areas are where your employees will be doing the bulk of their individual work and team-based work, and thus deserve better than a bland, uninspiring desk and chair. Even when your employees are taking a break, they’re tossing around creative ideas and making friendly conversation with their co-workers, making them happier and more productive as a result. If you make your workstation furniture exciting, your Brisbane employees will appreciate the splash of colour and life that a Commercial Images workstation can bring to the office.

Commercial Images is a complete furniture solution service in Brisbane, offering workstation furniture and the like for offices interested in optimising the spark of productivity among their workers. Our furniture comes in many different configurations to give options to employees who may prefer standing versus sitting or being isolated instead of having open space. Our 27 years of experience in this industry has given us the insight to know how much of an impact a Brisbane office can make with high quality workstation furniture. Along with our amazing products, we offer exceptional customer service and support to get your office outfitted with the best workstation furniture Brisbane has to offer.

Start standing and let your ideas start flowing with one of our height adjustable desks!

One of our modern workstations is our Matrix, a unique sit to stand desk with a slimline frame. This workstation is simplistic and quiet, making it ideal for quieter workspaces or high-focus environments that demand total concentration. This desk is telescopic, allowing you to adjust the height to you and your project’s specific needs or your desire to get out of your seat if you’ve been in your chair all day.

Another option available amongst our Brisbane workstation furniture is our Oxi Desk, which allows the worker to combine their productive mental moments with light exercise that may prove effective in getting your brain jumpstarted. The Oxi Desk has a wide surface area for your work materials and has pedals to allow you to move your legs while you work.

We distinguish ourselves in Brisbane by building workstation furniture with top tier suppliers and manufacturers like Actiu, Markant and Bevisco. We work in conjunction with architects, interior designers, developers, project managers and contractors as well. Our logistics in Brisbane collaborate closely with these manufacturers, your ideal plans and office specifications to create customised workstation furniture unique to your requirements.

Using technology to move desires from your mind’s eye to reality

We consider ourselves a top-quality service when it comes to workstation furniture in the Brisbane and surrounding areas. We offer a complete service, from the initial planning to advice on colour to follow-ups during the entire process of the furniture fit-out. Our result in Brisbane is high quality workstation furniture that help your employees do their job better.